zapya app free download -

zapya app free download

zapya app free download mod apk latest version V6.3.4

zapya app free download mod apk latest version V6.3.4 When you use Zapya, you can quickly share files of any size and format across all platforms. Your registration is offline and online. When sharing offline with Zapya you have to use your file transfer is now very easy!

Also, when you share online using Zapya, you can transfer files from any data that has a web browser. Click the Zappia Transfer icon on the transfer page, you can easily share files with people from all over the world. Zapya Transfer is free to use and available in multiple languages.

Zapya offers four easy offline sharing methods, allowing you to share files with people nearby:

1. Create a group and invite others to join it,
2. Create personal quality QR code for others to scan,
3. Shake to connect to another device,
4. Send files to people with Pulser

Spotlight features

⚡ Moving forward with USB drives
Zapya USB and Transfer provides a new feature. You can connect a USB drive or multiple USB drives to your device, so you can view files, send files from USB drives to save files!

⚡ Better app sharing
Zapya now helps you contribute and support social media apps in .apk format and .aab format (a process called sideloading).

⚡ Better Android support
Zapya provides support for Scoped to securely send and access files from Android upwards to 11 or more users. Additionally, support continues for devices like Zappia that run Android 13’s video Android 5.

⚡ Update iOS to Android Sharing
Connecting your iOS to Android data is done! Now you are ready on Android group design can find Zapya and run along with one click on Zapya.

⚡ Phone Duplication
Instantly backup and transfer all content and data from your device to a new one easily.

⚡ Bulk file transfer
Share credit folders or multiple large files at once with just one click!

⚡ “do all the talking”
Also download all apps to your data with “Install All” feature.


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zapya app free download mod apk latest version V6.3.4

zapya app free download mod apk latest version V6.3.4

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