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Witch Trainer

Witch Trainer V1.44.1 APK (MOD) Download 2022

Witch Trainer V1.44.1 APK (MOD) Download 2022 In a dark forest on this continent, a tall tower reappears, filled with strong magic. Legend has it that the tower hides a mystical power. Countless people entered the tower for this but no one managed to get out alive. A voice from a girl resting in the forest. She doesn’t miss a witch much. To fulfill my destiny to get my memory back, I need to do the deed, put on my pointy hat, and push the heavies of the tower to the voice list of this mysterious.

Revived Witch is an adventure RPG game that combines both 2D dynamic pixel art and 3D lighting. You play as a young witch who enters a mysterious tower and travels to different worlds to fulfill her destiny. You will meet a lot of different rooms in your journey and fight against enemies with them.

● High resolution art and stunning lighting effect

A combination of dynamic 2D high-resolution pixel art and 3D lighting. Wonderful world for you to see

●Character Cultivation/Team Building
Level up your characters, and equip your team with your equipment and enchant them. All ready for an unknown adventure

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