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War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn

War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn mod apk free download latest version

War and Magic: Kingdom Reborn mod apk free download latest version  War & Magic: Kingdom Reborn – A free 4x wargame that combines real-time and turn-based tactical gameplay. Fantasy T Multiplayer Online Role Playing Simulation Strategy Wargame creatively utilizes chess gameplay to cater to war and battle strategy mania board game (chess) fans and 4x game company. It is possible that as a lord, you manage the city perfectly and use strategy to fight other lords. In addition, you can fight personally to maximize your strategy in the chessboard battle, killing heroes and soldiers for each battle. Simple rules, easy to start but able to trigger your brain’s full strategy.

Are you tired of traditional technology games in which you just go to the army and you can see how many you have? Do you want to use your brilliant strategy and tactics in every battle? Try War and Magic now for free!

1. Know that your enemies are very strong and choose appropriate heroes
Your reputation and reputation will attract more heroes to serve you.
2. Equip your heroes with soldiers!
Makes a decent 1+1>2 formation in addition to a great hero and soldier matchup for different races.
3. Control every move on the board!
Wise choices can’t even turn the tide in your favor in a negative battle.


1. Manage your city well first!
Gather resources, build functional buildings, train machines are all essential.

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