shareit lite Mod apk -

shareit lite Mod apk

shareit lite Mod apk free download (latest version) V3.4.48

shareit lite Mod apk free download (latest version) V3.4.48 Shareit Lite is fast, requires no network, saves data and comes in a small package.

Shareit Lite is optimized if you’re on a phone with less than 2GB of RAM, or feel comfortable with the resources.

Send and deliver files for free, data required.

Nevermind: Say goodbye to SHAREit Lite popup popup with sound and incognito, see the weird app just don’t make any of your business sharing with friends!

💙 SHAREit Lite A super fast file transfer app to transfer all types of files (App, Music, PDF, Word, Excel, Zip, Folder.). Share it anytime anywhere! Super light, very easy to use! Enjoy sharing!
🆓 We transfer full mobile data usage.
💻 Compatible with all platforms and all mobile phones: kaiOS、iOS、Windows、PC/TV/Mac. Android to Android file transfer, Android to phone file transfer, Android Topi C file transfer, large file transfer, and all share filing.
⚡ Transfer files with speed: up to 48MB/s
💯 Completely secure file transfer process – protect your privacy without any malware.
🎵 New feature [toMP3]: Convert video to audio
⬇️ Social Media Download: Saved videos from WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram
🎰 Game Side – Casual games available without permission/download.
🔋 More Features: Manage File, Clean Junk, Save
💙 Groups Free, let’s share it

【Our Features】

☆ Send and send all types of files without any contract
Transfer all types of files (App, Music, PDF, Word, Excel, Zip, Folder.) anywhere anytime. Fulfill all transfer obligations to you. Connecting your computer is very convenient when you want to send files, especially when sharing large files.

☆ Transfer files at high speed
Now share your favourites, music, photos, mobile apps with File Transfer App. The highest transfer speed reaches 48Mb/s. You can send and receive large files with this sharing app. Movies, videos, etc. with 200 times the speed of Bluetooth transfer. You can send multiple apps, files and media at once.

☆ Fully secure file transfer process
All aspects of completing the file transfer process use encryption to protect your privacy. And also we won’t send you any malware that we haven’t asked you for like other file sending apps.

☆ Free network and offline transfer
Your friends can transfer the file offline and anytime. All you need to do is download this file transfer and sharing app, select the files and send it to anyone on Digit or send to anyone on the app – transfer quickly to your device. . . Share this app with everyone, share files, share apps, share videos, watch videos and share with everyone on the internet. Share with all your friends now!

☆ Simple and UI interface and nothing special
The simple interface gives you a comfortable file transfer and sharing experience. File Transfer has a simple, clean, and user-friendly transfer files interface.

☆ New feature: toMP3 – Convert video to audio
Converting video to MP3 file is easy: Convert MV / Lectures to MP3. Music Sun S without charge on screen display This app is good for converting videos to audio and it is going to store in your device in compressed format (ie some space, which keeps Pakistan safe).

☆ Download WhatsApp / Facebook / Instagram videos for free
Download WhatsApp Apps Saver, Insta Ig Saver, Facebook: Download and watch videos and loaders in one app. Now you can download from various social media platforms.

☆ File management
Enables you to view, move or delete files you receive and even creates a backup copy when you need to wipe your phone. Make it easy to find the files you need.

☆ Power saver
It can improve your charging speed and speed up your phone by optimizing the phone.

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Feel free to contact us via email: [email protected]

shareit lite Mod apk free download (latest version) V3.4.48

shareit lite Mod apk free download (latest version) V3.4.48

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