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Octopus – Gamepad, Keymapper 6.2.5

Octopus – Gamepad, Keymapper 6.2.5

Octopus – Gamepad, Keymapper 6.2.5 Gamepad/Controller, Mouse and Keyboard with Android Games! Map the peripheral to the touch screen.
Or activator is not required!

※ Octopus is the most and easiest to use. ※

Support almost all apps
Octopus gaming engine supports most apps and games, you can join whatever you want to play.

of peripherals
Octus supports gamepads, keyboards and mouse.
Xbox, PS, IPEGA, Gamesir, Razer, Logitech…

Preset key mapping
30+ featured games first in key order. No time wasted on setup.

Different modes for different games
2 basic modes: gamepad and keyboard and many special modes for specific games like advanced shooting modes for FPS games, casting modes for MOBA games.

Highly customizable
In addition to the preset keymap, you can define your own map. Octopus provides 20+ different controls to enhance your gaming experience.

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