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Mozilla Firefox for Android

Mozilla Firefox for Android 2.2 free download

Mozilla Firefox for Android 2.2 free download Firefox Browser for Android is automatically private and incredibly fast. Every day online trackers are following you, gathering information about what you’re doing online and slowing you down. Firefox defaults to more than 2,000 of these trackers and is available online if you want to customize your browser. With Firefox, you’ll get the view you enjoy and the speed you need in a private, mobile browser.

Fast private secure

Firefox is faster than ever and gives you more of a web browser that protects your privacy. Keep what’s private with Enhanced Tracking Protection, which automatically blocks over 2,000 online trackers from invading your privacy. With Firefox, you don’t need to dig into your privacy settings, everything is set automatically, but if you want to be in control, you should choose a lot of admin add-ons for the browser. . Can We designed Firefox with smart browsing features that can find you to take your privacy, passwords, and bookmarks to the next level of security.

Better tracking protection and privacy controls

Fox gives you more privacy protection when you’re on the web. Your website that follows you with a better tracking protection program. Find Private Browsing Mode and you won’t be traced or tracked — your private browsing history is automatically erased when you can work.

From where you too become the owner of your life on the Internet.
– Connect your devices to Fox Fox for secure, private and seamless browsing.
– You can improve your favorite bookmarks, saved logins and browsing history on your devices wherever you go.
– Send open tabs between mobile and desktop.
– Firefox makes password management easier by remembering your passwords across devices.
– Take your internet life anywhere, it protects your personal data, never sells it for profit.

Search smarter and get there faster.

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