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FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer Create your ultimate team and start your football journey today. Soccer stars await with over 15,000 players including Kylian Mbappe, Christian Pulisic, and Son Heung-min world class! Boost your offense and defense with elite forwards and goalkeepers Build your dream team in FIFA Mobile – collect players and try out your favorite football

Participating in live events that support you from real world competitions for football matches, the Etihad UF Zones League and the FIFA World Cup 222™!

Some of the best players in the world with goal scores when you select a soccer super team. Compete in PvP modes, Head-to-Head, VS Tech and Manager mode, where you can choose a strategic strategy for your team to advance through those FIFA zones and beyond.

Experience FIFA Mobile, an immersive soccer game. With his Ulti team to the roar of the cheering crowd at the memorable FIFA Soccer Stadium. Penalty Kick or Breakaway – Next-level football simulation with renowned commentators providing live on-field audio commentary gives you a fun frame with an enhanced in-game engine, day/night and weather effects and more. .

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