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endless nightmare 3 mod apk

endless nightmare 3 mod apk

endless nightmare 3 mod apk The story of the new Endless Nightmare takes place in a prison. Scott Boyd, a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, returns to the United States after a conflict with Colonel Jason. After returning to his country, a series of events gradually crush Scott, and the cruelty of reality forces him into a desperate situation, leading him to an endless abyss.


* Explore and explore each room, collecting useful clues and items to figure out the case.
* The scary prison is also dangerous, don’t be alarmed by the scary monsters roaming around, you can hide in the cabinet if necessary.
* Collect powerful weapons, upgrade parts, and kill terrifying monsters.
* Learn skills to improve survivability.
* Find resources to solve problems.
* Defeat the evil boss.

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