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Death City Mod apk

Death City Mod apk unlimited money latest version V

Death City Mod apk unlimited money latest version V  A virus outbreak and a mutation accident occurred. P City is a quiet and peaceful town, but that’s just the past. Now it is the paradise of the dead, the forbidden place of the living. As a survival man you will use the weapons in your hand and defeat a Muslim in your survival.

You will have two companions and join them to create a path of survival. Cooperation is essential to survival. Sometimes you don’t have a say, but that doesn’t mean he’ll survive if you’re lazy.
Fortunately, this is not the case. Zombie DNA can be used unlocked to make your body stronger and stronger. These will help you maximize your strength and stamina! Don’t forget to strengthen and strengthen your weapons after each battle.

There is always order and variety. Cities, wild jungles, ruins, highways, every new scene will give you a new experience. Every new is a new opportunity. Will die fast, strong enough!
Hit the survival path, survive till the end. Baptize the zombies with a storm of iron and fury! God apologize to us zombies, get out on your own

Game Features of Death City Mod apk :
Fresh zombie gaming
HD city survival map
Your revenge dialogue

Death City Mod apk

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