Baby Panda's Animal farm -

Baby Panda’s Animal farm

Baby Panda’s Animal farm: happyMod apk free download

Baby Panda’s Animal farm: happyMod apk free download String pearls together, blow up balloons, and design creative animal puzzle. Color and shape to decorate your animal handicraft. What are you waiting for? Design your own handicraft using your imagination!

Clean the light bulb, lay down newspapers, apply glue and blow dry the glue to design the penguin’s body. Draw the hands and feet of the penguin. Cut, assemble, and color them. The penguin is ready! Remember to put on hat and scarf for the penguin and decorate your penguin puzzle!

Can pearls and stones be made into butterfly? Come and give it a try! String together pearls and put stones on to make a butterfly’s body; cut the bamboo to make the butterfly’s wings and color the wings. Wow, it’s a colored butterfly ! Decorate with sprinkled sequins to make the butterfly puzzle look even better!

Knock flat the cap and paste the eyes, mouth, and hair to DIY the lion’s face. Be sure to paste the lion’s beard as well! Use the can to make the body and the lion is ready. Squeeze on foam to wash the lion’s hair. Blow with hair dryer to create a stylish wavy hair style!

Cut the wood to assemble the sheep’s body and head. Take out cotton and paste it on the sheep to make the sheep. You can also interact with the sheep: chase the sheep into the sheep pen. One, two, three…all the sheep are in the sheep pen. Great job!

– DIY 6 kinds of animals: penguin, lion, sheep, hen, butterfly, and crocodile.
– Design animal puzzle with pearl, balloon, can, straw, and more.

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Baby Panda’s Animal farm: happyMod apk free download

Baby Panda’s Animal farm: happyMod apk free download

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