Yandex Pro (Taximeter) 12.02 -

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Yandex Pro (Taximeter) 12.02

Yandex Pro (Taximeter) 12.02 With Yandex Pro, you can work every day or earn more money in the evening. The app offers orders and drives you.

Getting started now

Download the app and register a few formalities with the taxi company and you can start working. Yandex Pro will tell you to find more orders, to earn more.

Travelers find you themselves.

No need to search for passengers – you automatically find the ones you have. Yandex Pro splits orders so that idle runs are low and earnings are high.

@ Yandex.Navigator

Yandex.Navigator will help you find passengers and get you to your destination. You don’t need to do anything, it will happen automatically and Rahul will give hints. Its free for you.

Map with expensive order

Yandex Pro will show on the map which places have the most orders. One highlighted in purple – making it more expensive out there.

Transparent earnings

Start working the next day Yandex Pro will show you the cost of the trip, the amount seen in the account and what you have earned.

Yandex Pro (Taximeter) 12.02

Yandex Pro (Taximeter) 12.02

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