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Selfie camera app

Selfie camera app  Selfie Camera for iPhone 13 – The best professional and free selfie camera for you.
Let’s get to the perfect and shareable selfie with Selfie Camera for iPhone 13.

The most popular filters and beautiful effects in the iPhone camera today. It has real-time beauty function, texture grafting, easy to take photos of soft skin, reproduce natural and real beauty, give you more delicate textures, and focus on the photo. A repository of technology just for that. Listen to your every photo!

If you are a fan of Apple products, you will love Selfie Camera for iPhone 13 – iPhone Camera OS 14. With a friendly interface, it’s easy for you to work! Even Android users who are not familiar with the iOS system can quickly get used to it when using the selfie camera for iPhone 13 – iPhone Camera OS 14.

📷 iPhone Camera Selfie Beauty
Whiten teeth and skin, reshape cheeks, chin, forehead, mouth, nose.
Beautify skin, ruddy, bright, prominent, new look, more shine.
+ The iPhone camera edits great photos without wasting time changing every effect.
+ Automatic beautification: acne and spots are removed, and the skin is made smooth and bright, selfie makeup
+ 100+ natural real-time beauty and cosmetics flat that can be saved both photos and videos, photo editor image beauty

💄 Photo makeup is very beautiful
+ Adjust large communities, create scenes
+ Take selfies with iPhone camera available makeup styles, Krishna Photo Editor
+ Configure lipstick, blush, brows, optional mascara style, favorite eyeliner.
Hair color, lens color, and people color can change.
The iPhone camera removes blemishes, whitens and smooths skin in photos in a very natural way.
+ Glasses, hats and earrings are included in the most natural style.

🎨 iPhone Camera OS 14 Highlights
iPhone camera blemishes are suppressed, photos are whitened, and backgrounds are smoothed.
+ Slimming, raising the nose for front angle tilt angle and forward
+ Easily customize the image to your taste
+ Make your eyes, correct yourself.
+ iPhone camera English thinning, nation correction
+ Included in the hairline
+ Plus contouring and highlighting changes your hair color and whitens your teeth.

☆ Selfie Features for iPhone 13 – iPhone Camera OS 14 ☆
– iPhone 13-style notchless camera
– High quality (HD) camera helps you take selfies in high resolution.
– Provides instant square photo taking function.
– Supports 9:16, 3:4 or 1:1 mode for photos and videos.
– Optional video quality in your settings
– Short video mode lets you shoot 15/30/60 session video length automatically.
– Stylish iPhone 12 camera for Apple fans
– On/off in yourself.

iPhone 3- See Selfie Camera for iPhone Camera OS 14 Free Now! Enjoy the best selfies with Beauty Murrah, stickers, selfie filters, photo retouch, editor, makeup plus!
Try taking a stunning selfie with Selfie Camera for iPhone 3- iPhone Camera OS 14 now!

Selfie camera app

Selfie camera app

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