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mgp vinted apk download for android

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mgp vinted apk download for android

mgp vinted apk download for android Download the new version of our app for a chance to earn money to sell our development to the public faster and increase selling fees.
Sell ​​more on the new “Home” category, and choose from thousands of amazing deals.
Reach the taste buds using our new paid feature, Closet Spotlight, which promotes your closet in other paid feeds and catalog search results.

Easy sell

Sell ​​clothes, food and household goods all in one place. List a few items to get you started—and watch yourself get going.

• Creating a listing is easy – just upload a picture and add a price and description.
• Keep everything in your look – remember, there are no selling fees at Vinted.
• Safely sell and transfer funds to your bank with our in-app system.
• Updating. Get notified whenever someone likes or buys your item.
• Save time by allowing second-life shoppers to place orders with you as they wish.
• Clean out your home to free up more space by getting rid of what you no longer need.
• Ship easily. Download the label and track your package directly.

Smarter shopping

• GET AMAZING DEALS Shop the set hand for your party, and be a part of the global movement.
• Find the rolls you love at affordable prices. You see a huge variety of labels on the platform—items that sell alongside stores.
• Find exactly what you’re looking for. Filter between categories, rolls, sizes and prices.
• Shop Safely Take advantage of PayPal and credit card guaranteed safe payment conditions.
• Choose the shipping that works for you. Have the item delivered to you or sent to a pickup location.

included in

Selling vintage decorative ticks for my home, the app for all things vintage. You can quickly sell a variety of exchange and trade alternatives at your fingertips. Customize a computer feed to inspire your next purchase, wardrobes, follow trending sellers.

Download today to enjoy the new features, and experience how easy WinTed is to use. Search by your search criteria and find the strong features you’re looking for. Second-hand became part of the first-choice movement.

mgp vinted apk download for android

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