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App in the Air – Trip Planner 7.6.2

App in the Air – Trip Planner 7.6.2 App in the Air Your personal travel assistant. Book flights in the app or send your current flights to organize all your flight information in one place. Track all your itineraries, boarding passes and manage your loyalty points across all airlines. Get timely flight notifications and alerts so you’re never stuck on a trip. The app is an in-ear travel planner and accompanies you on your journey – from booking to return home. Isn’t love? Go ahead and plan a trip now!

Featured in Forbes, Wired, CBS News, Lonely Planet, Travel+Leisure, and named the best travel app in GalaxyStory 2019 (Samsung), App In The Air is loved by travelers everywhere. So go ahead and join our frequent flyer search!

Use our Travel Assistant to access exclusive features:

Travel planner and organizer
Our itineraries allow you to access all your flight information, including departure date, time, airport terminal, gate, and aircraft type. Get airport guides and maps to easily find your gate. Learn how to navigate the airport, with your luggage, and get live flight status updates. You even include wires in different categories of your trip.

Live flight tracker
The app also comes with a live filter tracker. Choose a flight and follow the plane that your plane takes to see it on Rawalpindi – you’ll be the first to find out when you fly there. Our real-time flight tracker is also available on WatchOS for your health!

Boarding pass wallet
Manage all your boarding passes in one place and track your loyalty points across all airlines. Access all of the airline’s alliances and rewards programs: SkyTeam, This Alliance, WestJet Rewards, and OneWorld.

Travel Information
We provide country-by-country travel information and provide you with flight security details so that you can take all necessary steps for international flights. Learn about the location of face masks and more, check baggage details, and access your baggage with our advanced R-scanner.

Book flights
Planning a trip? Find and book cheap flight tickets using the smart search tool. Use filters for more efficient search patterns: stops and departure times, connecting programs, pricing and more. Access the flight price tracker to find the cheapest flights. You can also customize flight tickets based on your loyalty.

Global flight coverage
To give you the best booking experience, we have partnered with North American and international airlines including American, Delta, United, Southwest, Cond, JetBlue, Alaska, WestJet, Aeromexico, Spirit, Air Europa, and many others. C. Access exclusive deals directly from partners with Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, WestJet and United Airlines. You can search for available fares and itineraries only on these websites for no hidden fees without leaving our app.

Book a hotel
You can book hotels directly within the app. We always aim to provide you with the best and value hotel bookings. Book hotels at your fingertips with no hidden fees.

Plan a trip with friends
With our new group planning features, you can plan the country with your friends. Find, list and share your favorite flights with friends. They will vote and choose the best of all. After that you can book the flight!

Would you like to save your trip log and access your flight statistics? Send all previous and upcoming flights via TripIt Email your e-ticket information to [email protected]

Premium subscription
Gives you the option to subscribe your family to real-time flight seat updates, automatic check-in, and text message programs.

App in the Air – Trip Planner 7.6.2

App in the Air – Trip Planner 7.6.2

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