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Shan World V92 APK Download For Android

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Shan World V92 APK Download For Android

Shan World V92 APK Download For Android New update 1. Unlock the new dungeon-Ice Fire Ridge.
2. We will begin a new step—— Nightmare
3. Stained T4 sets. Warriors can earn tainted T4 set parts by participating in Nightmare Trials: Scary, Guldenjin: Song of Tides.
4. Unlock the new Fallen Heroes Temple “Herma Temple” and the new Fallen Heroes Race “Orc”
You can freely create your character throughout the world of more than 26 square kilometers and choose from 6 races and 30 advanced classes to start an exciting adventure. Epic dungeons, different bosses, legendary weapons and plenty of fighters await your team. Fighters can now transfer between all classes with no limit. The new version of World of Kings – Opening of the Earth brings more great content.

When darkness once again hovers over the eastern land, the loved ones try to find the homeland where they were born and move on. Heroes, it’s time to unite with the Furries to retrieve the artifact from NOX and bring light back to the war-torn southern land! Warriors, are you ready to join the campaign with the Furries?

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Features of Shan World V92 APK Download For Android:

The new version includes more than 5 epic dungeons.
More awesome drops and easy dungeon crawls with gears.
Tank, healer, dps, perform your duties and build a great team.
The more epic I am in dungeons, the better rewards you’ll get!

The new version has made a lot of adjustments to each class to make PvP battles more competitive.
Call your teammates to form a squad. You are now able to team up with friends to match on the arena and battlefield.
Start duel anytime, help your fighting skills.
Real-time PvP system, only the strong can survive.
Massive multiplayer field battle. Over 100 player guild battles. Fight for honor!

A real magical world:
A completely new race and a newly added base class
There are 6 open-ended, 10 basic and 30 advanced questions for you to choose from.
The new level cap is now available and when players reach 80 they can have new abilities.
Paw paw and advance your collection.
Huge open world of 26 square kilometers, NPCs, hidden things you guys
See the beautiful scenery and explore this world.

Shan World V92 APK Download For Android

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