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Frog rush game free download

Frog rush game free download  This is a healing game that is basically free and very easy to play.
You can take care of frogs and raise many of them.

■ Game Contents
This is a game about growing frogs in your phone.
· With normal care, frogs can grow and grow in size!
· Beautiful colors and strange? There are many frogs in beautiful colors and scary?
Tap a frog to get a closer look!
Let’s grow many frogs for healing.

■ How to take care of them is very easy!
them once in every three days.
– Can give a lot of girls for your frog!
Water once a week.
– Let’s give the frogs some water, which they like.

■ Important functions
The frog grows and grows.
You can change the background music.
You can see the frogs up close.
You can name frogs.
· You can take a picture of the frog and save it in your phone, or share it with them on Line, Facebook, Email, etc.
It can inform you when to feed and water your frog.

■ It is recommended for the following people:
People who like frogs.
People who want to breed.
People who love the formula.
Those who breed.
People who imitate love sports.
People who love simulation games.
People who look for a simple game to pass the time.
People who love farming games.
People who don’t like hard games.
You people who don’t have time to play games.
People who want to rest and recover.

Frog rush game free download

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